A group of participants refused to go on and started a sit-in protest captured here.  Peer pressure got them moving again.  

Special Shout-Outs:

Mike O - for providing me with the portage kick-off comments that conveyed his passion and wisdom about what we are trying to do.

Marilyn and the Tollkeeper's Cottage team -for once again (year 9) providing unmatched hospitality, warm pea soup, biscuits, and a place to recover!  They are always so patient when I say we'll get there at 3:00 pm and it's always after 4.

Rosaire and Torontoadventures.ca - for once again loaning us all of the canoes, life jackets and paddles we needed.  Tell your friends... they rock... and a great way to spend an afternoon in the spring-summer-fall.

Emily D - for completing the run for the first time after so many years... awesome!

​Anthony-BH - for making it to the starting line after a tough year

Carved Davenportage log burned at the closing ceremonies.  A thing of beauty... lost forever, but not.

2022 Davenportage

Definitely a unique experience paddling the Don at sunrise.

We had a few youngster with us on the portage... making it look easy.  It's just not fair.

Mauricio Ortíz Ortíz and his wife Rosi at the Tollkeeper's Cottage with a scruffy participant.

Great weather again... and so late in the year.  The November 6 start date was our third time starting in November... setting one to wonder about trying a December event sometime.

We once again were able to paddle the Don, mercifully somewhat shortening the run.  Great work by Emily D completing the run for the first time... it isn't so bad really.  Well okay, it's pretty bad.  The water was calm and we got to Etienne Brule with all canoes and paddlers accounted for.

We paid our respects to those whom have gone before us and set off on the portage... heavy packs in place and once again canoes that were way too heavy.

The rest is a blur of struggle and misery punctuated by scenes of heroism and people helping people, and by the hospitality and break provided by the Tollkeeper's Cottage.  The blur lifted at the post-event fire, beer in hand, with a close-to-full moon rising.  We had survived another year.  Thanks to all for another great event!